In The Fourteenth Hour when you find your passion time stands still allowing you to follow your dream.


“Anna Maria’s incomparable voice creates a voyage from start to finish, each song having its own specialty and flavor to truly create a diverse passage from track to track, but it is in the final cut, ‘Pretty Soon,’ where we get a full view of Anna’s abilities as a lyricist and composer…. Musically, Anna Maria has created a beautiful composition that is texturally stunning and harmonically rich. Within the Fourteenth Hour is a CD worth adding to any music aficionado’s CD collection. Whether your desire is jazz, island, smooth-jazz, Latin, nu-soul, old soul or to heal your soul, this is the CD for you. Take the journey Within the Fourteenth Hour.”Carmel DeSoto – Jazz Police


“It may be hyperbole on my part but I believe Ms Flechero truly ranks up there with Ella, Dinah and Sarah, and that this is a voice which can only improve like a great wine.” John M. Peters – The Borderline Magazine (MusicWatch #12) (U.K.)


“If you love high talent jazz vocals, these tracks will go to the top of your playlists; there is no better today. My take on it … is that the combination of rich tone and verve for living is what makes Flechero stand out in a field populated by so many. If ever I have the chance to watch her perform, nothing will stand in the way of it… yup, she's that good, folks. There's no high-tech wizardry going on here to enhance what she does – it's ‘just Anna’, and you'll be as happy as I was with that, I've no doubt. I give this a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as well as the ‘PICK’ of this issue for ‘best female jazz vocals.’” Rotcod Zzaj – Improvijazzation Nation #84


“Journey Into The Fourteenth Hour. Interestingly enough, this CD is an articulate and serious expression of vocal jazz at its finest; in addition, what is even more impressive is the freshness of her voice … Ms. Flechero takes listeners on a magic carpet ride towards musical genius … With a voice that has semblances of Sarah Vaughan, coupled with some superb musicianship and orchestration … When listening to ‘Journey Into The Fourteenth Hour,’ you have to be stimulated by this awesome display of original compositions. … Make no mistake about it, this is vocal jazz at its finest, which will create a sense of amazement and awe for those seeking music that will titillate the listening palate.”Sheldon T. Nunn – Jazz Review


“Opening the album with an emotional plea, Flechero speaks the essence of desire in the mixture of scat-lines and soft vocals in the haunting rendition of ‘Misty.’ Built on a smooth guitar background and placed into constant with a simple percussion component setting the stage, Flechero fills a void in modern music with a truly stunning version of ‘The Look of Love’…. Surrounded by classics re-worked with precision and power, the surprising part of the record is the closing track. An original by Flechero, the closing song ‘Pretty Soon’ may be the best composition of the lot. Built upon a sultry vocal, spurred on by a an arrangement of strings complimentary to the soft-spoken rhythmic pound of the backbeat, and brimming with a passion ready to be unleashed, ‘Pretty Soon’ begs the listener’s attention, heart, and soul.”J. Edward Sumerau – The Metro Spirit Weekly


“Oh My! Just heard Anna Maria Flechero… Oh My!… Oh My!… Oh My!… What a voice!!!! What feeling!!! What a story teller!!!"Michael Matheny – radioIO Vocal JAZZ


“[S]he has a vocal style that resembles the great Sarah Vaughan….”Edward Blanco – All About Jazz


“Dynamic, Authentic, Fresh with Bipolarity, an unusual contribution to the vocal jazz literature.”Herb Wong – Founder Palo Alto Jazz Alliance/Broadcaster


“Anna Maria Flechero is the real deal, great backing, and the Cedar Walton Trio is outstanding!" Peter Kuller – Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM (Australia)

“San Francisco jazz singer Anna Maria Flechero delivers an outstanding set. The soul and sophistication of her voice brings new meaning to such standards as “Misty" and “I Wish You Love." Richly realized arrangements and production enhance her performances. The bonus track, “Pretty Soon," is a Flechero original that holds its own in the company of classic tunes.”Paul Freeman – Palo Alto Daily News


“Within the Fourteenth Hour. What a great title for a CD of which you could listen to for at least fourteen hours! Right away in the first track, ‘Misty’ you are overwhelmed by the great experienced vocal skills of Anna Maria. What a great rendition of ‘What a Difference a Day Makes’, on which the instruments take an important part of the music, but never overwhelm the vocals. On this gem of a CD, you'll find a great performance on ‘Autumn Leaves’ and of course ‘Pretty Soon’ which not only has great lyrics but also a special message. Buy this CD and enjoy the music!”Joost Van Steen – Jazz & Blues Tour Radio (Netherlands)


“This Sarah Vaughan-influenced, yet understated SF-based singer doesn’t do schmaltzy.” (3 out of 3 stars)Jon Newey – Jazzwise Magazine (U.K.)


“Within the Fourteenth Hour is an outstanding CD of jazz and pop standards with one original. Flechero takes these gems and makes them her own, performing with the Cedar Walton Trio on two cuts." RIYL: Cassandra Wilson, Sarah Vaughan (4 1/2 stars)Les French – WMEB Orono, ME


“Great phrasing and instrumental backup." George Middleton – KLBC Long Beach, CA


“Anna Maria Flechero is a jazz singer who has one of those voices you can't help but smile and nod your head to, not because people might think you're cool, but because you hear the way she sings and swings and feel that she's just doing it…right… The arrangement of “The Look Of Love", covered countless times in the last 40 years, is worthy enough to be heard and used in as many projects as possible… I wish I had the power for her to be heard by a wider audience, as I feel she deserves it.”John Book – The Run-Off Groove #208


“There's some subtle work being done, originality with phrasing as she takes her time and accents surprising words and notes with a slight variation.” Rob Lester – Talkin’ Broadway (Sound Advice-Striking Voices)


“Flechero swings the classics in fine style, up market all the way, and serves up quite a special set that enchants throughout.”Chris Spector – Midwest Record


“Anna Maria Flechero's vocal jazz is not boring, and it's always about the music. Flechero connects with these tunes and works with the changes; and when she scats, she always tells the story… Flechero’s voice has a haunted tone quality, like Cassandra Wilson’s, and from the smooth jazz/Motown/blues tracks like, ‘What A Different A Day Makes’, from ‘The Look of Love’ (which features the R&B sax of Melecio Magdaluyo), to the relaxed grooving version of ‘Autumn Leaves’, her singing remains honest, and thoughtful, and emotional.” David Fujino – The Live Music Report


“Within the Fourteenth Hour is a stunning voyage into the creative and soulful mind of Anna Maria….Anna Maria's soulful and matchless voice creates a truly phenomenal adventure through textures, colors and rhythms that leave you excited to hear cut after cut.” Jazz USA, Vol. 12 Issue 11


“Misty” from Within the Fourteenth Hour. There are few jazz trios better than the Cedar Walton Trio, so when Ms. Flechero got pianist Walton, bassist David Williams and drummer Lewis Nash to back her on two tracks from this album, I knew I was in for a treat.” Jeffrey Siegel – Straight No Chaser – A Jazz Show Podcast #127


“It’s safe to say that Flechero is a song stylist. She has a nice, warm voice with nice timbre. She exhibits her skills by varying delivery and phrasing and throwing in a little (not too much!) scat. She manages to be both laid back and intense in delivering the lyrics.”Jeremiah Sutherland – Bullfrog Music


“Ms. Flechero was able to record with Cedar Walton’s trio, on which she makes her most telling Jazz statements, phrasing nicely, and scatting with seeming ease. Her alto voice is pleasing and though she has elsewhere been compared to Sara, I hear her as closer to, say Gloria Lynn.” Alan Bargebuhr – Cadence Magazine

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