Welcome to “The 14th Hour,” the podcast and my website, which is a sanctuary for my musical creativity and contemplation where passion and empathy for humanity take center stage as well as for the exploration and the expansion of other creative people I know and meet.

My name is Anna Maria Flechero and I am the creator of “The 14th Hour Podcast,” which is preceded by my first CD, Journey Into The Fourteenth Hour and my second CD, Within the Fourteenth Hour. I am now in the fourteenth hour of my life and The 14th Hour Podcast” is my third CD.

I believe in a profound connection between art and humanity—the realm where melodies resonate, art explodes in various media and the written word speaks aloud. Together, we will explore and unfold the mystery, beauty, and depth of our shared humanity through the language of music and creative expression.

So, join me on this journey.  You are so welcome.